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Privacy Policy

Mobile Create Co., Ltd. recognizes our social responsibility in the information and telecommunication industry. We have formulated our basic policy of personal information protection as indicated below. Also, we ensure that our all of our employees are properly trained regarding the appropriate handling of personal information.


We define personal information as information capable of identifying a specific individual.

2.Management System

To protect the personal information of an individual person, we assigned a personal information protection administrator and organized a management system. We assign a person responsible for handling all inquiries and questions related to personal information and have an internal audit process in place to enhance transparency of management.

3.Collecting and Use of Personal Information

To clarify the purpose and use of personal information, we collect only necessary personal information within the scope of the product or service. The privacy agreement is strictly followed and we will not use such information for any other purpose. We also take necessary measures to prevent misuse of any private information.

4.Legal Compliance

We comply with all laws, guidelines and other regulations specified by the national government regarding the collecting, use and handling of personal information.

5.Safety Control Measures

We take special safety measures to prevent the leaking and loss of personal information.

6.Inquiry Response

We respond quickly and sincerely to complaints regarding the handling of personal information and the management system of personal information protection.

7.Continuous Improvement

We continuously review and improve our personal information protection management system.

Established November 29, 2012
Mobile Create Co., Ltd.
President and Representative Director Yuji MURAI

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